Aether Design Development (ADD) is a knowledgeable Commercial and Residential Construction Design, Management and Development firm with over 35 years of combined construction experience in single family, multi- family and commercial projects  of  of all types in multiple states. This extensive experience enables ADD to facilitate the design, permitting, and construction processes for all of its clients. It also allows ADD to achieve a leading quality standard in the industry while remaining on budget and on schedule.

Aether Design Development has learned that local knowledge can make or break a project which is why ADD prides itself on utilizing the best local contractors to facilitate both planning and construction.  As an experienced manager, developer and contractor, Aether Design Development is able to run a full scale analysis on all third party general contractors from the local market. Having a roster of local General Contractors enables ADD to take full advantage of the local community knowledge at a fixed cost.  ADD’s hands on construction knowledge and ability assures that the project is delivered on time and within budget, while maintaining a superior quality standard that sets all ADD projects apart from all others.


Aether Design Development (ADD) selectively chooses its markets with extensive in house and third party market research seeking out the most desirable locations within the highest quality areas throughout the southern United States. ADD chooses to focus on high rent marketplaces with strong growth trends. Once these marketplaces are identified, Aether Design Development's focus is three fold: the site, the demand for the product and the supply of comparable projects.  ADD works extensively with both local land owners and brokers to acquire raw land in premier locations.  Throughout its history, ADD has remained ahead of the curve in terms of market selection and has not missed a beat on local trends, designs and history. 


                                                      Urban Mixed-Use Development                                    Hotel/High Rise Construction

                                               High-End Custom Homes                                               Development/Property Acquisition
                                               Ground-up Stick-Frame / Podium / Warp-Around     Design/ Entitlements
                                               Hospital & School Construction                                    Full Charge Construction/Development
                                               Multiple Project Mgmt./Coordination                          Project Budgeting/Expense Management

                                               Contract Negotiation/Buyouts/RFPs                            Project Troubleshooting/Problem Solving  

                                               Project Scheduling / Procurement Scheduling          Quality Control/Review Monthly AIA    

                                               Client Relations/OAC Meetings                                    Project Consultant
                                               Commercial & Retail Ground-up                                 Shell & Core/Post Tension/Precast Structure

                                               Employee Supervision and Training                           Site Geotechnical/Environmental/ Surveys   

                                               Estimating/Negotiate General Contracts GMP         Production Home Building